Reflection Survey #9 Groups Results

Describe your experiences working in a group (school project, at work, etc.). How much did others contribute? Was it a good or bad experience and why?

(Download the results as a PDF here: Reflection Survey 9 Groups results)


My experiences with working in groups have always been positive. Every contributed either the same or a little less as everyone else. Of course, there is always one leader.



I quite dislike working in groups in which there is a relatively large project, or something worth a lot of points. I tend to be a control freak (I don’t like anyone being in control of what grade I get, but me) and I know that I always put forth a lot of effort, and will obtain a grade that I deem acceptable.

Unfortunately, when I take the reins, and assign tasks for others, I end up having to do all or most of the work – on the other side of the coin, when I have sat back and allowed tasks to be assigned to me, the group project never receives an acceptable grade (to me) This unfortunately also carries over into my work.

As a sales associate, I find myself caring more about the organization, sales, and Loss Prevention than the other associates and even the other managers. It seems as though if I want to get something done, I have to do it myself, and that is extremely taxing on my positive mental attitude at times. It’s somewhat strange though because I prefer to work alone, and that should make me happy! But it doesn’t! It’s just infuriating when I work with people who won’t cooperate.

When I do assign tasks, or ask for help, I try to be very clear and concise with my directions, and somehow people end up completing things incorrectly or just not doing anything at all. So, I rarely ask for help now, because it’s futile with those that I work with.

I have resigned myself to simply remembering that I am there to learn how to run a business (as I am a business student) and sometimes this is how businesses run. I am also learning how to NOT run a business, so I guess I am not wasting my time there.



My experiences of working with group during work or school have been both good and bad. There has been many times when I’ve worked with groups at school and the partners in my group did not put in much effort in completing the assignments. The partners that I would have be either lazy or not have any knowledge of the topic due to lack of study or just not paying attention. This resulted in me having to do most of the work with help of maybe 1 or 2 partners depending on how big the group was. I usually didn’t mind sometimes to do the work because I just wanted to get the assignments done but it would definitely irritate me sometimes to have people in my group who care less of helping or even turning in the assignments. I had many good experiences of working in a group at work more than school because when it comes to work the requirement of putting in the work was more required especially if you wanted to get paid. There have been times when me and a couple of my friends used to go out and fix people’s houses and yards. In order to get paid everybody had to put in work because if they didn’t they would get a small cut or if they didn’t work then they wouldn’t get paid and we would even tell them to go home and not invite them to future jobs. It felt really good though sometimes to see how fast and successful we could complete a job and be able to say “Man we really did that”. I also had good experiences recently working at my last job we would break down a whole dining room and fix it up for weddings.



My experience working in groups has always been sort of bitter sweet. I have had experiences working in groups at work and school that have been great. In these groups everyone would always pull their own weight. Everyone did what they had to and everyone put a 100% into it. it was considered a group effort. However, I have had some experiences that were bad. In these groups one or two people would do all the work while the others contributed nothing. They always slacked off and ended up bringing the group down. Because of these experiences I always prefer to work alone because I only have to worry about my self.



Having a group makes the workload a lot easier to handle as an individual. At the same time, you have to rely on people to do their parts and not to ruin everyone else’s grades. In the past, my group work experience has been positive because I usually pick my friends so I know from the beginning that they will be helpful to me. When teachers assign groups problems are much more likely to happen, mostly due to communication issues and misunderstanding.



My experiences working in a group have not been very good. For example I have worked in a restaurant for quite a while and every shift I work is basically like working in a large group. What happens is not every person pulls his or her own weight. There will be the few that are going above and beyond, then some that do absolutely nothing, and then the majority that just float by doing the minimum. I feel that every time I have had to do group assignments for school the same thing happens someone does most the work and someone does nothing but everyone gets the same grade. I am personally not fond of group assignments because I always seem to do majority of the work. I do not trust others with my grade because I have been let down before and I take my grades seriously.



The best thing about group work is the consistency. You have to assume that no matter what group you’re in, or what the setting is, there’s always going to be the same key members. There’s always a slacker, they don’t really contribute anything to the work, they nod and smile at the thoughts of others, they bring nothing to the table whatsoever, but they still expect all the credit at the end. Then you have the opposite end of that spectrum with the self-appointed leader. This is the person that thinks they’re hot shit and has all the ideas and wants to do all the work. This is a nice thing to have in a group if you’re the slacker, but if you’re a regular person you’re probably fucked because if you disagree with this person it’s practically a slight against God. Even when this person has terrible ideas that make no sense at all, their own sense of self-righteousness will be on a mission to destroy you and all of your ideas, no matter how productive they are. Beyond that, a group is pretty much just filled with normal people that aren’t over achieving, but still want to get that a. They will contribute solid info or work, they will do the leg work that’s necessary, and everybody goes home happy. Personally, I love group work. I have a general theory that says most people are just idiots, but none the less, I still love people. Working in groups has been good to me, and I’ve played every role there is to play in them. It’s always nice if you come in hung over to know that these other 5 people are going to pick up your slack, and likewise when they do the same you return the favor.



Well, almost in everywhere you have to share with others, working in groups from my experience is not a such great skill , in my case I do not like to talk too much, I always have ideas but or I do not like to share or I do not like people. Anyways there is always something in this, you can learn from others, analyze others minds, thoughts even learn how to work in groups, but is they ask for preference I will choose work alone, by myself.



Most of the time, I am able choose my groups wisely, because I’ve been burnt too much when it comes to group projects. Sometimes I get left with the work, and this one time in particular, we had a group of four, and just two of us ended up doing the entire lab. If you work one-on-one, it’s easier to divide the work because there is something for both people to do. Once the groups get too big, then people think that they can slack off and get away with it. Needless to say, we told our lab instructor, and they got the grade that they deserved.



I have had good and bad experiences with working in a group. Honestly it all depends on the person you work with. Are they slackers? Or are they hard workers? I like working in a group because there are more ideas that are brought up. If I have to present in front of a class I know I am not the only one talking so I am not as nervous to present. But if it were just me then its not so good. Haha. In my experience I have always had one person always slack off and just copy. They don’t learn and they don’t care. In the working field I say they should put in a 110% to make the job go smother and better, and faster depending on where you work. It’s a good experience because you get positive attitudes. Just give appraise and things can get done.



Most of the time I don’t really like to work in groups because I end up having to do everything by myself so I prefer working as an individual because I have had lots of issues working in groups in my past experiences. However, I can’t say that every group I have had was a bad experience for example last semester in my communications class we had to work in a group of all girls and we all got along very well with one another. I happen to be chosen to be the group leader so I had to put the most work in our project making sure every group member was understating the material and was doing their part of the presentation. So overall each group member did their part. So for the first time in a group I honestly didn’t feel like I was the only one that the group was depending on. Overall I had a great experience with this group presentation.



Many times when you work in a group, not all of the participants offer a balanced amount of information and it’s important to understand this. Usually someone makes up for someone else. It really depends on what goal you set for the group though. I’ve had past experiences where I divide the work between the group and give more work to people I know that can handle it without difficulty, and less work to those that I know may struggle. While I know this may not be an even method, I found this works much better in the final outcome. A bad experience is when I’m in a group and an even amount of work is placed on everyone even if not everyone can achieve an even amount of work because of other engagements, difficulties understanding the information, etc. This is why people receive greater workloads when they are promoted at their workplace. The business knows to promote people and offer a greater workload when they know the person can handle it. This provides the greatest benefit.



I find working in group in a way to cheat it, what I mean is I try to do the less amount of work. But if I find myself in the “lazy” group I tend to try to accomplish the work even if I do most of the work. I had in the past a kid who wouldn’t do an easy part of a project, the group decided to not write his name on the project, he didn’t get any points. That was the worst experience I had in working in a group most of the time people do like working together rather than alone. The group becomes “lazy” when there is not leader who assign the work because the leader take the toughest work so he can make the group believe it’s easy. Its good to have all friends in a group or no friends because your friend might say” Give me the easiest work and give that guy the hardest” this causes conflict.



I have worked in groups every year I have been in school. Depending on the people in the group, I usually like working in groups. Sometimes you’ll get group members that won’t do anything or will just talk to the friends, and will most likely not get anything done. In cases like that I don’t really like working in groups. But when everyone is participating and helping its great, because you get things done faster.



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