Reflection Survey #8 Relationships Results

Describe what a “good” committed relationship (marriage/partnership etc.) looks like – what are the important characteristics?

(Download the results as a PDF here: Reflection Survey 8 Relationships results)


A good committed relationship would be a relationship where both parties are happy and accomplish an average amount of desired goals. The most important characteristics are to have common goals, a liking for the other person’s culture, an ability to communicate with each other, a sense of humor, commitment, a solid self-image, etc. Not all relationships have these characteristics, but they have some, and that’s what helps make it a good relationship.



A “good” committed relationship has to have a lot of different characteristics. Both partners have to be able to compromise, a relationship is not just one sided. People also need to have good communication skills. Being able to have some patience and being able to talk through problems will help build a strong relationship. Also each partner needs to understand that time apart is not a bad thing, if all you do is things with each other little things will start to drive you crazy. Relationships are extremely hard and good relationships take a lot of work. But they are possible with the right amount of effort put in and open-mindedness.



A good committed relationship is where both people in the relationship are happy and like being with each other. The most important characteristics in a relationship are trust, commitment, communication, respect, shared responsibility, support of one another, and non threatening behavior.



To me a good relationship is a hard thing to come across and an even harder thing to maintain. I think it needs to be committed, trustworthy, and contain good communication. Most importantly it must be full of love and respect for each other. It takes two to make a good relationship work and without the dedication of each other it’s impossible to make it happen.



There are a lot of things that go into a good relationship; the first thing that comes to my mind is time. If you think of a good relationship, you wouldn’t think of one that only lasted for a few days or weeks or even just a year. You’d think of the little old couple on the park bench that has been married for 47 years. You invest enough time together and build up that co-dependency. The next thing is trust; without trust, you’ll never make it through time. One of the most common problems in any relationship I’ve ever been involved in is trust issues. When one or both people involved don’t trust the other person, it creates a little problem bubble that grows and grows until it pops. I’m not a cheater, but when I’m with a girl that’s always accusing me of being a cheater the only thing I can be sure of is that the relationship will suck ass. A lot of people will say love is involved, and I can agree that it is; just not right off the bat. I don’t believe I am qualified to say what love is. I’m 23, I wouldn’t know anything about it; but I do believe that I have a guess. I think that if you’re with somebody long enough you learn to love them. That’s the only way I can explain things like the two people that have been together for 10 years that hate each other’s existence. You ask them if they love the other and they’ll both say yes, but at the same time hate everything about the person. Love is a learned emotion that means different things for different people, but is still important in a successful relationship. The last thing I’ll talk about in this short survey is compromise. When you are in a good relationship you can compromise the things you want for the things that you both want. It’s easy to let this become a one sided thing, but you have to be careful because if there’s only one person doing all the compromising it won’t be a good relationship for that person. Equality is key, what’s mine is yours and all the rest of that nonsense. These are just my opinions; I may be wrong, but I doubt it.



There is a lot that goes into a real committed relationship. Relationships need to consist of Trust, communication, and lots of fun. These days people think that a committed relationship is solely based on having sex. That may be a part of the relationship but your relationship should not revolve around just that. I think people in these kinds of relationship should always have fun together. If you can not have fun with the one you’re with then you are not going to enjoy it. Relationships should be healthy. You should be able to turn to that person for anything. Committed relationships are hard to find these days, but I know there is hope for everyone out there.



Being implicate in a good relationship involves some basic characteristics such us dealing effectively with emotions, confidence, share time and likes, feel that life is not just a job and all the things that we supposed to be or do. There is space for a friendship, but with physical attraction. Healthy and passive relationships where you can learn from who is next to you. It also passion and a bunch of activities, feelings, that can be manage in a good way, understanding other’s mind. Nothing as a good company; where you can involve someone else in your life. In committed relations, in most of the cases there is people with different outlooks of life, share those are a possibility to develop a good relationship.



A good committed relationship is between two people that know every single thing about the other person, can trust one another, and can depend on the other. They work together equally whether it be for their children or for some other reason in their life. When there is an argument, which there undoubtedly will be, that is the real test. It takes a strong couple to talk it out and work it out, and not let it ruin their relationship. Once you can anything through and come to an agreement, the rest is easy.



There are many characteristics that describe a good committed relationship to me such as you have to have trust, and only have one girlfriend/boyfriend and not three or four other girls/guys on the side meaning your attention is only for one person and one person only. What I think looks like a good committed relationship are president Obama and his wife, Beyoncé and jay-z. And relationships that don’t look too good to me would be Chris brown and Rihanna, Brittany spears and Kevin. Also your significant other should be someone that you can call your friend as well and not just your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. But everyone has their own view of what a bad and good relationship should be just depends on the person.



A good marriage/partnership is based on trust, without trust they cannot rely on one and other. They should not be afraid to show their weakness to each other and are not ashamed. Both of them should like them self so much that one would offer to die for the other if needed. They will have fight but they will try to figure a way in which both are pleased. Their closes friend is themselves because they should know each other very well. They wouldn’t mind getting up and getting the other a cup of water even if they could do it themselves. They would do everything together and have the back of each other. Life should always be a journey for them.



Loving, caring, devoted, patent, attentive, willing to listen, and the ability to joke with one another.



In my opinion, I believe that a good committed relationship is based on trust, as cliché as that might sound. I also believe that there has to be a balance between independence and interdependence. Too much independence, and it may seem to one or both partners as if there really isn’t a relationship. Too much interdependence and one or both partners may feel as if they have lost themselves in the process.

There should be great attraction to one another, but not solely on appearance. Relationships based on appearances are shallow, and will not provide true happiness, in my opinion. Personalities must be compatible, and both individuals must be secure in themselves, or else the relationship could prove to be toxic and taxing, rather than healthy and fulfilling. There should be open communication between both partners, and when they aren’t talking, it should be what I refer to as a “comfortable silence”



A good committed relationship in a partnership/marriage is a relationship that has good trust. It is very important to have trust in a relationship because you have to be able to trust that your partner will make the right decision when it comes to events that could affect the partnership. Having trust is important because if someone in a partnership makes a big decision that they feel could benefit the partnership, the other partner has to be able to trust that the other partner made the decision based on good judgment and good reason. Other important characteristics consist of things like effort, commitment, honesty, work ethic, limits, and value. It is important to have effort because both partners have to put in the effort to make the relationship work. It also important to have commitment because if the both partners are committed then it makes the partnership stronger by trusting that a partner would not leave the partnership or marriage in search of a new one. Honesty is also an important characteristic because without honesty there could not be good trust and understanding of one another. Work ethic is important because both partners have to put in the hard work to help make the relationship stronger. Knowing your limits is important because you have to know how far to take things when it comes to disagreements and things like going out and being exposed to temptations. A very important characteristic in a partnership/marriage is value because if both partners value the relationship then the relationship has good meaning which makes it a good strong relationship.



In my opinion I believe a good committed relationship is when both partners put in a 100% effort. This mean that they are honest, have trust and don’t cheat. They want to try and make things work and they have each other’s back. When you want to be with someone you are only all about them. I see friend’s siblings younger than I around 14 15 and 16 trying to be committed. They have their whole lives ahead of them. They cause so much drama and are self-conscious. The only thing going through their head is, “are they cheating on me?” “Is he/she looking at her/him?” They think they think they are “in love” but they don’t really know what it truly means. In our generation there is not real good commitment. Everyone is so young and “think” they found the right one.


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