Reflection Survey #3 Sexuality Results


According to the popular media (television and movies) in the United States, how is sexuality viewed and portrayed? What are the messages about who should be having sex, with whom, in what situations, in what kind of relationships, at what ages? What are the values or emotions associated with sex? What are the consequences of sex? Are they the same for males and females? Do you think those media messages reflect the opinions and behaviors of the United States people as a whole, certain populations, not at all?

Responses (as a Word doc here Reflection Survey 3 Sexuality Results)


Sexuality in the United States: The sexuality is viewed as the women being open and alluring and the man to be buff. I personally believe that people should begin to have sex when they are in their late teens (17-18) and in a meaningful relationship. I also believe that sex between same-sex couples is ok. The values and emotions that come with sex can vary. The consequences of sex can be an unplanned child or a STD. The unexpected child generally has more consequences for the female since the male may not stay around. The consequences of STDs is the same for males and females. I think these messages reflect only some of the population.
About You: Age: (0-19); Sex: Female; USA.


Sexuality in the United States: As long as the person is 18, it isn’t looked down on, unless maybe there’s a year difference that is greater than 7 years or their more religious. In that case, it would be frowned upon until they’re married. Same gender sex is still looked down on a bit, especially in certain religions. The consequences of sex are diseases and an unexpected pregnancy. The greater risk lies with the female. Often times with unexpected pregnancies, the man leaves the woman and she’s left to deal with it alone. I think there’s a major difference between the culture of states. Some states have many different opinions than others do, such as allowing same-gender marriages.
About You: 26, male, United States


Sexuality in the United States: The media today is very open and growing. So it’s actually kind hard to say what’s being displayed.  Because it depends on where you at the media in the south more likely portrays a deeper southern tradition with more wait till marriage southern belle that the wedding church and all that I would assume and this is just basically often assumption that the south still deeply rooted in that tradition and so it probably would be different from going to California and seeing the media in Hollywood where they have teenagers going on blind dates having boyfriends cast member’s youngest 10-12 years old on the Disney channel day they’re talking about sex. They know about it they they’re exposed a lot more. But the general media across the country you would say it is accepting sexuality and was doing a little bit more you have seen mom on TV  the movies that kids can go see, portaying fun great time there’s no risks or diseases and there’s no worries or anything like that and it’s kind of misleading. People can think that they can all the time and just do things like that and wake up the next day and it’s just part of life and that doesn’t happen all the time. There are the club scenes and that’s a lot of other stuff it can lead to drugs and alcohol. And then there’s the real world movies and stuff it’s fake but it sells. So basically it is one simple principle, everything is about money and honestly nothing will change until money isn’t a factor.


Sexuality in the United States: Anyone can be having sex, just as long as they are protected. Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Not much gender inequality but they try. About You: 20, male, USA


Sexuality in the United States: Sexuality in the United States is in a heated debate. There are many (mainly churches and conservatives) who would seek to deny gays and lesbians the right to be married just like any couple. Most young people are okay with it, although some religious people are taught that it’s not what God wants. Most relationships are heterosexual and sex is rampant throughout teenagers. I’m not saying that everyone is doing it, but many people are. There have been many campaigns for kids to save it until marriage, but I know friends who have done it when they were merely 15 or 16. Sex by most of my friends is seen as something that is just done and is a part of who we are. It isn’t a big deal, and people shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. There are only a few who are really up tight about it. The consequences of sex that are taught to us include STD’s and unplanned babies. I think females are taught to be more cautious with having sex because they are the ones that are left with all the responsibility. If a girl becomes pregnant, she is the one that has to deal with what follows, not necessarily the guy. These things reflect the United States culture in most populations, but not necessarily all. About You: 20-29, male, USA


Sexuality in the United States: According to the popular media today in the United States the sexuality is viewed and portayed as everyone is doing it. Today we have celebertys going from one relationship to another on a drop of a hat. There is also a ton of divorces in the media. The golden rule if you have money is to get a prenup due to the partner getting involved with you just to take half your money after you are married and divorced. Also, within the celebertys you have the celeberty childen. With in this group the norm is to wait until marriage to have sexual encounters. If you don’t wait you might get a sexual desease or become pregnate. Another point of view on this subject is between the women and male genders. The male gender has a lot more feedom you can say on who and how many partners they have. In the public eye the male gender has sex with as many parters as they choose and this is congradulated with praise. If a female would do the same she would be ridiculed by these actions. In my opinion the media does reflect behaviors of the United States as a whole. There are cases more or less then the norm as always, but the majority is following what the media shows.


Sexuality in the United States: In the United States sexuality is usually only viewed in one way. The US only wants a man and a woman to be together, anything else is frowned upon. And the same goes for the age, they want older more mature people getting together, instead of younger teenage people. Some of the consequences that come with sex can include pregnancy and/or diseases, like AIDS. I think that these messages that the US portrays about sex affects our country as a whole. About You: 0-19, male, USA


Sexuality in the United States: Sexuality is viewed a lot less strict now a days. Kids are walking around half naked and TV shows view sex as the cool thing to do. I think people in committed relationships should be having sex, no earlier than in their twenties. I think values aren’t there for younger kids having sex and they just want to do it to brag to their friends. The consequences to sex are babies and STDs. Consequences are different i think for males and females. Females have to carry a baby for nine months and males have to be there for support. I think they reflect the culture as a whole because everyone has access to media. About You: 0-19 female USA


Sex in the media toady is HUGE. Companies are using sex to sell products or portray products in ways never seen before. Sexuality is viewed as something that’s just “same old, same old” and it doesn’t really affect people anymore. The messages about sex is basically that people of any age should be having sex with as many people as they want without regrets, most people strive for the one timer relationships. The emotions associated with sex are basically just lustful and playful, a lot of the music now is basically “I have money so lets have sex” and people are generally ok with that. The media doesn’t really portray the consequences of sex. If they did it would kind of contradict themselves in the first place. When it comes to the number of partners one has had I think that females take the hit there. They will be called “hoes and whores” but a man who’s slept with more women would be called a playa or maybe even looked up to. I’m not exactly sure what the whole of the United States feels or if they even care. I think that people have become so accustomed to negative sexuality that they don’t even care anymore.


In the social media today when it comes to sexuality it isn’t viewed how it should be in my opinion. With all these shows talking about sex and teens becoming pregnant things are seen differently then they use to be. Some people still believe that people should wait to have sex until they are married, but that is hardly the case anymore. Most teens are having sex when they start high school, but some have sex even before they start high school. When it comes to having sex everyone seems to think that its the thing to do without knowing the possible consequences of it. Such as std’s or even a teen pregnancy. With all of their friends bragging about how many people they have had sex with, teens feel even more pressured to do it. Guy brag every day about how many girls they have been with just in one month. Sex these days is meaningless to most and is expected from everyone. Girls are not suppose to talk about how many guys they have been with because they are seen as little sluts, but when a guy talks about being with 4 girls in a month he is seen as a player. In the U.S the population as a whole sees sex as a whole other thing then other countries do. I believe if we had less media influences on sex that less teens would have kids and std’s.


I think that sexuality in popular media is very open. Sex is on television almost every time I turn it on. There are a few shows on that show pregnant teenagers and how their lives are basically ruined however, I believe that in a way it glamorizes being a teen parent. The media also is more open to homosexual relationships. With shows that feature openly gay men I feel that it is sending a message to an extent showing that right now we are more open to homosexual relationships than ever before. Currently in high schools more than I have heard about in the past young girls are claiming to be lesbians. I have a sister in high school and she tells me how everyday there are numerous girl relationships that are being flaunted all over campus from hand holding too intense kissing. I feel that this is just a fad and even more of an attention getter. Also I think the way that the media is so nonchalant about sex it shows that its not a big deal and it doesn’t really show the emotional side of being sexually active. For instance sex and the city they are basically with different partners every night and it’s not a big deal. The consequences of sex aren’t really shown to there actuality on TV as I would like to see. They show pregnancy as a consequence however; I have not seen much of diseases being shown. I think that the media reflects opinions of the United States as a whole. I think that it is more of a statistic they go off, because there will be people that are in secluded areas or even certain religions that the media messages do not reflect their opinions.


From what I get from the media about sexuality is that it has a male and female in most TV shows and movies and that the male is the one who loves the female and they make love and the female gets pregnant. And she is the one who nurtures it and cooks, cleans while the husband is at work providing for the family. The messages I get about who should be having sex are a male and female, and that they should only have sex if they are completely in love with the person, doesn’t matter how long you have known him or her if you two are in love then you can have sex. In some movies friends have sex to see how it is and in some the couple is married and in most movies they have sex after they have just met. Most media shows adults in there mid 20s or so however, there are some that show teenagers. The values associated with sex are that you should have your own place and be able to provide for yourself and have a great amount of income coming in. and the emotions associated with sex are that as long as you are really feeling the guy or girl and you know there the one then you can have sex with them. There are many consequences from sex that the media doesn’t really show you for example, you can come out pregnant, develop a STD, aids etc. if you do not use protection. There isn’t really a big difference besides the fact that females can get pregnant and males can other than that they run the same risk. I do not think the Medias messages reflect the opinions and behaviors of the US. Because there aren’t just female and males that are boyfriend and girlfriend in today’s worlds there are males with males, and females with females. So I think that the US wants its people to think that there are only male and female relations.


In the United States, sexuality is glorified. Not just any sexuality, either – casual, frivolous sex is the type that is glorified. Often times in the media, it is stereotyped as “no big deal” and “everyone is doing it.” It is nearly impossible to turn on the TV and watch something that doesn’t deal with sex.

These television shows are often directed towards young teen girls, as well. For example, That 70’s Show, Skins, etc. 99% of the time, these casual sex situations do not have any consequences, demonstrating to young viewers that they too can give up their bodies to some random person, perhaps someone they’ve been going out with for 2 weeks, and not have to deal with any repercussions.

The other 1% of the time, TV shows focus on the outcome of such carelessness, such as Teen Mom, and Secret Life. Those shows clearly display the emotional heartache that comes along with sleeping around and being stupid about safety and security. Sometimes these girls get pregnant, sometimes they contract STD’s, and most of the time, they do not find “true love” as they were expecting.

Males do not have the same consequences as females do in regards to sex. Although they may get a girl pregnant, it is common in the Unites States for men to not take care of their children and live their own lives, how they want to. The females are usually the ones who are solely responsible for the upbringing of the child. Males have virtually no consequences for sleeping around, whereas if a girl does the same, she is labeled a whore.

I do feel as though some people behave like they see people on TV behave. However, as a whole, I feel as though Americans are rather conservative in regards to sex in their own lives. All of my friends (who are ages 18 – 25) claim to be virgins, and I believe them. If they were lying, they still wouldn’t be like the people on TV who always talk about their sex lives with whoever will listen. All of them say that they want to wait until they are married or in a serious committed relationship before they will have sex. Which is much different from a lot of things you’ll hear from anyone on television.


If I talk from my point of view, through the media in United States sexuality is viewed like a “Time for fun”.  It is portrayed as a game, roll of bodies and ecstasies. Although we can find a little amount of media stuff that concern about diseases, safe sex, and pregnancy among others. The messages are pretty clear, everybody should be having sex. Their preference is young people between 15 and 40 year, the kind of relationship that is show by the media is those where nothing is serious, fast sex for no apparent reason more than the body itself. It is pretty recognize emotions associated with sex more than emotions, meaning of sex is being changing by us, by the media. Consequently we can perceive that media shows behavior and United States culture, but no as a whole, the reflection of television and movies is strong in others perception, thing that make  believe that in United States there is a connection between things that they show and reality.


Sexuality is viewed as a symbol of what this world is revolved around. Anything that has any type of advertisement in it has something affiliated with sex. Whether it’s a car commercial, perfume, music or anything, anything that has to do with anything has to do with sex. Portrayed in a good or bad way, sex is everywhere. With television advertisements, certain groups try and share a message of all kinds of things. Most messages have to do with having safe sex or birth control. Messages about safe sex is just wanting people who are sexually active to educate themselves so they themselves stay clean and safe from any kinds of diseases that are out there. Others try and send a message that is religious and goes further into depth of what they think sex should be. Religious messages want to press the importance of being abstinent before marriage. All of which try to educate people to be safe with sex. The religious value of sex is that it is supposed to be a sacred thing that only the person you marry gets to have. Most other values that people try and teach their kids is that it is something important to yourself that you do not want to lose, because emotions play a huge part in sex. To be a high school teenager and having the pressures of sex make all of the emotions greater than they are that turn into consequences of sex. The risks of having unprotected sex are huge because of the kids of diseases or infections that you can catch off of first time contact. And since most people aren’t really educated with the kinds of things that are out there it’s hard for them to even know if they have something or not. Not to mention the consequences of teen pregnancy, having a child when you’re not ready, or even the pressures of abortion. I think the consequences always seem greater for the females than the males because sex always creates labels. If the women get pregnant then they are the ones stuck taking care of the child if they decide to keep it, and women who have an abortions are the ones stuck with the emotional guilt of everything. I personally don’t think males see the consequences of what can happen and if they do in a man’s mind, most of the time it doesn’t seem to matter. As a whole, I think we have an understanding of sex and how we want it to be portrayed. We portray sex to be something that it important but also to be seen as personable beliefs and decisions that we make as individuals.


I believe that popular media in the United States portray sexuality as something fun and being a  virgin is bad. Most of the situation are between friends and the age are around 25-30 years old. The emotions associated with sex in most movie is love. And the consequences are kids. Yes, I think the consequences are the same for males and females. I don’t believe the media is reflecting behaviors in the United States, they just want to make a few bucks of people who wished life was like all fun and no consequences.


In the United States sex is portrayed by the media as one of the main goals in life.  Almost everything you see can be tied into sex. In television and movies all the actors are spoofed up to look good and to appeal to people’s emotions whether they think about it or not. This goes so far to having people that cannot even act well on shows and in movies just because they look so good.

Messages about who should be having sex can be varied in what you watch and see.  The target audience for the show will change how sexuality is portrayed within the show. In some shows with a younger target audience you will see younger people having sex with fewer values. With a family targeted show the relationships will be ones that seem to be matches and good pairs or binding situations.

The values about sex are a broad spectrum to some people waiting till marriage and others having no feeling towards it at all and sex are just sex to them.

With sex there can be reactions that follow it. Some from the physical point of view can be someone getting pregnant or the spreading or a disease. From the emotional side some can become more connected or attached or it can strengthen the relationship. Also there could be no reactions at all.

I think the consequences for sex can be a lot worse for a girl just because of the names calling and the responsibility taken on of becoming pregnant.

The media messages that are shown reflect the general population I think fairly well just because a lot of the country has grown up watching and learning what they see on the television.


According to popular media in America, males have much higher pressure to start having sex at an earlier age. Sexuality is portrayed as being a normal thing. Sex is everywhere including media, bilboards, and modeling campaigns. Homosexual males sometimes feel the need to be sexually active at an early age with women in order to hide their sexuality and portray their masculinity. I have personally witnessed this. When males come of age, they tend to frequent clubs to meet women to sleep with. Alcohol is usually involved. With both heterosexual and homosexual males, the risk of STD and STI is high. Although males tend to become sexually active earlier, I believe that women suffer a higher consequence. Not only are they subject to disease, but also unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes the fathers stick around, but many times they do not. The media seems to tell them that it is OK and I definately know more single mothers than those that are in relationships with their child’s father.


All the media sends out bad or misleading messages, mostly towards girls if you ask me. When a guy is in high school or even in a TV show he is looked at as a stud if he sleeps with a bunch of girls but if a girls sleeps with guys she is easy and whore. Also due to all this media teens are having sex at earlier ages, even as early as 13 or 14. I mean when i was that age we just laughed at the word penis. If we think we are ruining our lives at 16 or 17 having children imagine being those being the girls who get knocked up in elementary school. A lot of shows place good examples in kids by showing what can happen to you if you do get pregnant so early but it may also come off to them as ” they say that sex feels good, i want to try it, i won’t get pregnant from one time”. I believe these messages may not reflect every person in a population but it is a very good percent. The united states as whole do not reflect the messages but they reflect a ton of them. There will always be people doing the right thing and people doing the wrong. i do not believe everyone is perfect or everyone can be imperfect.


I believe that sex is portrayed as any other thing in the United States. I think that we have come accustomed to view sex like if it’s part of life because of all the media exposure we see every day. We see it in movies with kissing scenes or in websites with women or men in bikinis and it all seems natural. Since we were kids, we were always taught boys should like girls and girls should like boys but sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way. We sometimes follow our hearts instead of our minds because we feel that the decision should be based on love instead of a set rule. Every situation is different for everyone and only a person who decides to chose their partner knows if they made the right decision. In today’s world it is not uncommon to see a gay or lesbian couple because we started to accept that we can’t force heterosexuality on people. The media has played a role in this but I think personal lifestyles and influences have affected us as well.


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