Reflection Survey #3 Sexuality

Describe your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on the following topic:

According to the popular media (television and movies) in the United States, how is sexuality viewed and portrayed? What are the messages about who should be having sex, with whom, in what situations, in what kind of relationships, at what ages? What are the values or emotions associated with sex? What are the consequences of sex? Are they the same for males and females? Do you think those media messages reflect the opinions and behaviors of the United States people as a whole, certain populations, not at all?

(Note: For course credit, submit your Assignment through Blackboard.)

Thank you so much for sharing! The “About You” section, while optional, will help our class make connections between our personal backgrounds and experiences and the ways in which we think about different questions and ideas.

Responses from all participants will be grouped together and shared in the Survey Results page.


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