Reflection Survey #1 The Self – Results


Write down 20 statements that begin with “I am _____.”

Complete the statements in the way that you feel best describes who you are.

Responses: (as a Word doc here Reflection Survey 1 The Self Results)


I am pessimistic

I am 22 years old

I am active

I am a diabetic

I am manic/depressive

I am easy going

I am down to earth

I am preoccupied

I am trustworthy

I am responsible

I am a procrastinator

I am slow to warm up most the time

I am nice

I am talented at most things

I am analytical

I am a musician

I am a nurturing younger brother

I am taking care of my widowed mother

I am scatterbrained

I am an old soul



I am white.

I am Christian.

I am 6’0”.

I am American.

I am a citizen of Arizona.

I am a student

I am an employee at In-N-Out.

I am an owner of Rolling Thunder Skates custom longboards.

I am a brother.

I am Straight.

I am living at home still.

I am a brunette.

I am obsessed with downhill skateboarding.

I am a boyfriend.

I am a carpenter.

I am competitive.

I am athletic.

I am hungry.

I am honest.

I am friendly.



I am an intelligent young lady.

I am Mexican and Italian.

I am a student at Glendale Community College.

I am a psychology major.

I am out going.
I am sweet and caring.

I am known to have a huge heart.

I am very social.
I am an extremely hard worker.
I am known to be helpful to others.

I am a very family oriented person.
I am always there for others when they need me most.

I am kind to others.

I am confident in who I am and where I’m going in life.
I am loved and I love back.

I am some one who doesn’t care what others think about me because I know I’m a good person.

I am considered the “good girl” out of my friends.

I am someone who loves to work out and stay healthy.

I am an outdoor kind of girl.

I am athletic and love to play all kinds of sports.



I am Chinese

I am 21

I am from Singapore

I am an older brother

I am a student

I am a procrastinator

I am low on funds

I am technologically fluent

I am a nerd

I am a talkative friend

I am an inappropriate person

I am an avid listener of different genres of music

I am open to hearing almost all ideas, I just filter through the ones that are ludicrous.

I am on the computer almost all the time

I am sometimes a germaphobe

I am a volunteer

I am an aggressive driver

I am a person who loves grocery shopping

I am a friendly person



I am a deeply feeling person, an incorrigible daydreamer, and irrepressably impulsive.

I am a highly intelligent life form (you should see the way I interact with mirrors! 😉 I am a computer scientist by every bit of me. My experiences writing code are numbered among the most creative, beautiful and fulfilling things I have ever done.

I am tangled up in all of the little things; philosophy is non-optional for me.

I am a humble member of and volunteer for the Free Software community (free as in freedom, ¬(free as in beer)).

I am a singer and a poet who will hopefully become a singer-songwriter some day.

I am an intellectual insubordinate uncompromisingly opposed to postmodern bullshit in philosophy and in art.

I am obsessed with words: etymology, puns, names, languages, alliteration, assonance, rhyme, and style (down with the MLA! (really, the MHRA Style makes much more sense)).

I am a hipster at heart, at least when it comes to music.

I am unapologetically opposed to religion and anything that smells like it.

I am not of the conviction that ideas merit an ounce of respect simply by virtue of someone espousing them.

I am desirous of some kind of transcendence from the expectations and mindsets of my own culture, but dubious about even its nominal possibility (which is part of why I’m interested in this course. 🙂 I am evidently verbose in my speech, and even more pronouncedly so (hah!) in my writing.

I am surrounded by people that I love, and fortunate enough not to have to bother with friends I merely ‘like’.

I am lately, I think, developing a talent for finding cool people wherever they go. The shortage is an illusion.

I am only beginning to afford my mother, father, and sister the respect and interest they deserve as I enter my adult life. I intend to continue down this path.

I am inclined to flounder in ordinary life as I flourish in my intellectual one, and I hope that this year I will begin to change that. I want to feel in control of my own mental processes and account for the weaknesses of my ADHD.

I am, perhaps ironically given the immediately previous statement, a determinist and not a believer in even the cogency of ‘free will’ as a metaphysical concept. ‘I was a victim of a series of accidents, as are we all.’ I am a metaphilospical optimist: I see the possibility (and occasional actualization) of philosophical progress, and I hope to make some in my lifetime.

I am Patrick C.



I am a wonderful mother.

I am a lot stronger than I thought I was.
I am able to stand up for myself.

I am independent.

I am fun to be around.

I am in love.

I am pursuing a degree to better my family.

I am a down to earth, outdoorsy kind of girl.

I am not afraid to try new things.
I am sad if I don’t talk to my mom every couple days.

I am terrible at doing laundry.

I am sarcastic.
I am the type of person that has a hard time forgiving.

I am a huge football fan.

I am a bit shy until I get to know people.

I am annoyed easily.

I am mad if I don’t get good grades in school.

I am scared of scorpions.

I am not good at waking up early.

I am determined to reach my goals I set for myself.



I am a lover of books.

I am the eldest child.

I am constantly having daydreams.

I am someone who procrastinates.

I am someone who reads manga (Japanese comic books).

I am a geek.

I am addicted to sugar and candy.

I am the owner of a cat named Tobi.
I am interested in other cultures.

I am going to learn at least 4 languages.

I am not really interested in make-up.

I am someone who could spend hours in a library.

I am a couch-potato during the weekends.

I am more likely to spend money on junk food/food than clothes.

I am usually on my laptop at home.
I am someone who will listen to foreign music.

I am someone who likes music from almost any time.

I am a fan of crime-solving shows.

I am a passionate lover of history.

I am someone who when they go to Wikipedia, will find themselves (2 hours later) reading something completely unrelated.



I am an artist.

I am self-employed.

I am a cat person.

I am motivated.

I am drug-free.

I am passive-aggressive.

I am a food addict.

I am committed to my education.

I am financially responsible.

I am thankful for all that I have.
I am organized.

I am a list-maker.

I am not a typical teenager.

I am privileged.

I am kindhearted.

I am genuine.

I am pensive.

I am in love.

I am reclusive.

I am extremely happy.



I am honest
I am friendly
I am nice
I am shy
I am a hard worker

I am intelligent
I am a good student
I am sincere
I am a good listener

I am a movie lover

I am a sports fanatic

I am a video game fan

I am a music man
I am a book reader
I am a technology lover

I am a texting professional

I am a hat wearer

I am a religious believer

I am a family oriented person

I am a fun person to hang out with and have lots of fun!!!



I am a hard worker

I am going to be a lawyer

I am family orientated

I am employed at Target

I am artistic

I am intelligent

I am a great cook

I am a great baker

I am a promoter

I am going to pass all my classes

I am fun

I am a good listener

I am in a relationship

I am a fan of solid gold oldies

I am a basketball player

I am a great public speaker

I am interested in criminology

I am a parent

I am a big movie buff

I am real



I am a computer expert.

I am a hard worker.

I am good at optimizing things.

I am a dreamer.
I am often heard but never understood.

I am the proud owner of a Scion.
I am the future owner of a Lamborghini.

I am the next bill gates, except more handsome.

I am full of talent.

I am a trained scuba diver.

I am always wishing I can change the world.

I am a skilled dragon warrior in another lifetime.

I am full of new ideas.

I am a schemer.
I am a person that sees things from a different perspective.

I am a good listener.

I am a programmer.
I am the president of an LLC.

I am a cat lover.

I am afraid we’ll have to read these in class.



I am quiet.

I am responsible.

I am reliable.

I am friendly.

I am honest.

I am clumsy.

I am positive.

I am open minded.

I am focused.

I am generous.

I am smart.

I am professional.

I am helpful.

I am disciplined.

I am short.

I am devoted.

I am respectful.

I am impatient.

I am mature.

I am logical.



I am a mother

I am a daughter

I am a friend

I am a fiance

I am a helper

I am a reader

I am a raver

I am a dancer

I am a fan of drum and bass and underground hip hop music

I am a former penpal of Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker

I am a shower singer 🙂

I am a lover

I am also a fighter

I am a psych major

I am a daughter of a psych major

I am happy

I am grateful for my friends and family

I am usually quiet

I am a nightly hour long bubble bath taker

I am a student



I am silly

I am a goofball

I am trustworthy

I am a true friend

I am a little different

I am semi-independent

I am loving

I am real

I am soft

I am dramatic

I am shorter

I am in love

I am the oldest of two kids

I am a child care provider

I am loud when I need to be

I am organized

I am dedicated

I am childish

I am clean

I am a family girl



I am a Reader

I am individualistic

I am a dreamer

I am a traveler

I am a walker

I am a Sniffer

I am a Observer

I am a Player

I am my Mind

I am My actions

I am you

I am my body

I am a Kid

I am Nihilistic

I am Nature

I am a reflection

I am art

I am an animal

I am my own revolution

I am Silence



I am incapable of (or at least uninterested in) staying in the same place or doing the same thing for very long.

I am indulgent and committed to those whom I love, which leaves me little energy for everyone else.

I am curious about everything.

I am a hard-worker, sometimes to the point of obsession, and I find it hard to stop if something isn’t done well even though the consequence is really just my pride and satisfaction.

I am a problem-solver.

I am a non-stop thinker.

I am always searching for humor and truth and provocation in my entertainment choices.

I am great at giving presents because I remember lots of detail about everybody.

I am sick of computers and I find it hard to complete work that requires me to constantly be in front of one.

I am open to suggestion.

I am always planning a trip somewhere new.

I am unable to hold a grudge – I just can’t care that long.

I am constantly making plans and looking for new options.

I am lucky that I genuinely like my family and always have any support I need.

I am grumpy in the morning.

I am a part of an awesome duo that just keeps getting better.

I am not a great self-disciplinarian. I let myself get away with everything.

I am good at lots of things but not truly great at any one thing – yet.

I am not especially nice but I am courteous and fair so most people don’t notice.

I am old-fashioned in my communication preferences – I send birthday cards and packages in the mail and handwritten letters.



I am happy with who I am
I am smart

I am capable of things

I am dedicated to what I do
I am willing to learn
I am able to do what I can
I am nice to others

I am friendly to strangers

I am able to reach my goals
I am able to finish a task

I am comfortable with myself

I am in control of my emotions
I am willing to make smart choices

I am able to get good grades
I am the best at being myself

I am a good friend

I am able to know when to speak

I am discuss how I feel

I am talented

I am able to finish things on time



I am a Romanian.

I am nice.

I am cool.

I am awesome.

I am caring.

I am funny.

I am beautiful.

I am smart.

I am interesting.

I am one of a kind.

I am a son.

I am a brother.

I am a friend.

I am a student.

I am a person.

I am hard working.

I am a leader.

I am an observer.

I am not whole.

I am still learning.



I am a great mother.

I am a strong person

I am independent
I am a goofball

I am the hardest worker

I am driven

I am motivation for myself

I am confident

I am a fighter

I am all about my family

I am in love with my son. I live for him

I am a beautiful person on the inside.
I am funny

I am the exception

I am intelligent

I am passionate

I am loving

I am a people person

I am crazy

I am everything I know I can be



I am from Vallejo , CA.

I am currently working as a food server at Firerock Country Club.

I am very talented when it comes to sports.

I am a very helpful and humble person.

I am very determined to get a college degree

I am the second youngest of my siblings.

I am a very hard worker.

I am interested in traveling.

I am going to become better then what I grew up as.

I am going to play football for GCC.

I am going to get a good career job.

I am going to have very educated kids

I am going to have a good long life.

I am going to pass my classes this semester with all A.’s.

I am going to go back to California in spring break.

I am having fun writing this assignment.

I am going to have a hard time with math this semester.

I am a good son.

I am a good friend to talk to.

I am an open-minded person



I am nice

I am caring

I am full of love

I am a daughter

I am a sister

I am 19

I am a best friend

I am understanding

I am pretty

I am a leader

I am albino

I am trustworthy

I am honest

I am willing to learn more

I am independent

I am innocent

I am reliable

I am strong

I am a hard worker

I am clumsy



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